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Norman Klippenstein

Dr. Norman Klippenstein | MD, FRCSC

Station Nine




Specialty/ Subspecialty

Shoulder, Knee, Arthroscopy & Sports Medicine

Joined Brandon Clinic



Medical School – University of Manitoba
Year of Graduation – 1985
Brandon Emergency Department – 1986-1988
Orthopaedic Surgery Residency – 1988-1993
Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine Fellowship – 1993
Brandon Clinic – 1994 to Present

More Information

Other Education
Bachelor of  Theology – Canadian  Mennonite
Bible College  – 1979
achelor of Arts, University of Winnipeg – 1981

The objective is to restore joint planning, motion, function and quality of life. Welcome to the Brandon Clinic Orthopaedic web site for Dr. Norman Klippenstein. The purpose of this site is to provide information for our Orthopaedic patients and their care givers. We believe that with any bone or joint condition, treatment success and patient satisfaction are enhanced by full disclosure of management options, procedural information, surgical risks and rehabilitation issues. Hopefully the educational aids and links available here will assist patients and health professional alike to more completely understand their Orthopaedic conditions, and be better prepared to make informed decisions in working together with the surgeon to achieve an optimal outcome. It is our philosophy and objective that each Orthopaedic patient will receive compassionate, timely, state of the art treatment in a progressive, patient-friendly environment here in Brandon.

Background on Surgeon
Dr. Norman Klippenstein studied at the University of Manitoba, School of Medicine and completed his internship in 1986. After two years working as an emergency physician in Brandon, he returned to the University of Manitoba for his Orthopaedic surgery training, followed by a fellowship in Arthroscopy and Sports Medicine. He started working at the Brandon Clinic as a consulting Orthopaedic surgeon in 1994. Prior to his medical training, he also completed bachelor degrees in Theology and Arts. Dr. Klippenstein practices as a general orthopaedist, with special interests and training in sports injuries and reconstructive procedures of shoulders and knees. He performs a large volume of arthroscopic procedures, and continues to incorporate advances in minimally invasive Orthopaedic procedures in his practice. He attends regular courses, meetings and other educational opportunities in Canada and the U.S. each year. He is an active participant in the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons Maintenance of Certification Program and maintains a good working relationship with collegues in a variety of orthopaedic subspecialties in Winnipeg. Current affiliations and memberships include: – The Manitoba Orthopaedic Society – The Canadian Orthopaedic Association – The American Academy Orthopaedic Surgeons – The Canadian Academy of Sports Medicines – The Manitoba Medical Association – The Canadian Medical Association – The Christian Medical and Dental Association Dr. Klippenstein is married, with four children, and lives just outside Brandon. He is involved in a variety of community school and church activities. His hobbies include running, reading, chess and photography. He anticipates a lifelong orthopaedic career in Brandon.

Initial Consultations
All patients are seen in referral from a primary care physician. It is anticipated that prior to referral an initial work up will have been completed, including an examination, x-rays, and occasionally other special tests. If appropriate, a trial of non operative treatment will have already been completed, which may include physiotherapy, injections, and/or bracing. In some cases a referral to a non surgical musculoskeletal specialist will be helpful, and this can be discussed with the family physician. When a referral is made to the Orthopaedic surgeon, it is usually with the intent to discuss the possibility of surgical intervention. A decision to operate is always made together with the patient, and so it is helpful if he or she has some understanding of the condition and its treatment options. Information available in the Orthopaedic Conditions section may assist in this regard. It may also be helpful to have a family member or friend accompany the patient to the consultation. Communicating with other patients who may have had similar surgery can also offer valuable insight. Patients are asked to bring any x-rays they may have already had, if they have not already been forwarded to our office. Further x-rays may be taken at the Brandon Clinic, and sometimes additional tests are ordered. It is the patient’s responsibility to book a follow up appointment with Dr. Klippenstein after the special tests have been completed. Patients are never pressured into making surgical decisions in the office, and may wish to consider their options at home or with their own physician, before deciding on treatment. If it is decided to proceed with surgery, arrangements will be made, and the patient will require a preoperative physical examination from the referring physician. The sooner this is completed, the sooner the surgery can be booked. Sometimes other medical issues need to be addressed before proceeding to surgery. It is important to discuss the procedure with the surgeon, including potential risks, rehabilitation issues, time off work and general expectations. Information is also available in the Surgical Procedures section.

If the surgeon and patient agree on proceeding with surgical intervention, appropriate booking arrangements will be made through Dr. Klippenstein’s office. The patient will be advised by the hospital of their surgery date by mail or phone. The wait for surgery varies by the type of procedure, and can be discussed with the surgeon. Preoperative instructions will be forwarded from the hospital and can also be reviewed on the Brandon Regional Health Centre Site. As soon as the patient in notified of  surgical date they should contact Dr. Klippenstein’s office (204)571-7136 to arrange for a postoperative appointment. If this is not done until after surgery, a timely follow up date may be very difficult to arrange.

Postoperative Follow Up
Follow up appointments should be made at the time the patient is notified of their surgery date, that is, prior to their actual surgery date. This will facilitate a timely postoperative visit. If there are concerns regarding complications following surgery (See educational booklets), arrangements should be made to promptly contact Dr. Klippenstein’s office (204)571-7136, the emergency department of the BRHC ((204)726-2124) or the patient’s family physician or local hospital. Postoperative instructions, as well as activity and exercise information, will be given to the patient at the time of discharge from hospital, or can be reviewed here (Rehabilitation Protocols). If physiotherapy is required, it will usually be arranged at the first postoperative visit. Attempts are made to arrange for physiotherapy at the patient’s local hospital or nearby physiotherapy facility if at all possible. Postoperative rehabilitation is critical to the success of surgery, and is as important as the surgical procedure itself to ensure an optimal outcome. It is expected that the patient will comply as best possible with activity advice, exercise programs, and physiotherapy. It is, of course, impossible to guarantee any surgical result, but compliance with postoperative instructions will give the best chance for a satisfactory outcome.

Scope of Practice
Dr. Klippenstein is trained and experienced in the following procedures: – Shoulder – Hand and elbow – Knee – Foot and ankle – Trauma in general Dr. Klippenstein is not currently taking referrals for spine or primary hip problems. Sometimes certain complex Orthopaedic problems are beyond the scope and facility of our practice here in Brandon. We will then make the appropriate referrals to a sub-specialist, or make recommendations to the referring physician to help access this care.