The LibreMD portal is a secure website within our network that allows your physician to send health information electronically through a link sent to your e-mail. 

There are three main aspects of the patient portal - Appointment RemindersPatient Messages and Patient Forms.


Make sure the receptionist has your correct e-mail address. 

If you have any changes with your e-mail address, please contact your physician's office.

By providing us with your e-mail address, your Physician is able to send you messages, instructions or copies of your reports. Our EMR is also set up to send e-mail appointment reminders that allow you to confirm your appointment electronically. 



When you receive your appointment reminder, you must take the following action:


CONFIRM - by clicking confirm, it lets the staff know you have confirmed your appointment.

CONFLICT - by clicking conflict, its lets the staff know you have a conflict with the appointment.


If you have a conflicted appointment you must contact your physician's office to cancel or reschedule.


Patient names are NEVER included in the appointment reminder e-mails.



When you receive a message from the LibreMD portal the e-mail sender will be "LibreMD Messages". You may need to check your junk or spam folders.

Once you click on the e-mail it will indicate you have a new message in the Brandon Clinic Patient Portal. 


Click on VIEW MESSAGE to login. This link will take you to patient portal log in screen. 


You only need to login AFTER a e-mail has been sent to you by the Physician. The portal login link is inside the e-mail. 

In order to login, you will need your PHIN (Provincial Health Insurance Number) and your Date of Birth.

Enter your individual Provincial Health Number in the box provided, with no spaces in between.

        Example: 123456783 (see photo)

Enter Date of Birth as shown.


Click Continue

If your log in was denied, please verify the entered information is correct.

Your PHIN and DOB must match what we have on file. If you continue to have problems, please contact your physician's office.

By clicking on the ? icon, you will be able to see more information about where to find your Provincial Health Card Number. If you are not from the province of Manitoba, you can select your province from the drop down menu. 






Once you have logged in you will be able to see the portal message. 


Physicians are able to send you copies of information from your medical chart. For example, lab results, imaging reports, consultation letters, sickness certificates, etc.


Attachments are sent in PDF format.

You can also print by clicking on the printer icon.


Please be mindful that once a document has been printed from the portal message, you are responsible for the health information.



When you receive a Form from the LibreMD portal the e-mail sender will be "LibreMD Forms". You may need to check your junk or spam folders.

Once you click on the e-mail it will indicate you have a new Form to fill out and to follow the link provided.  


Click on COMPLETE FORM to launch the form. The form will open from within the secure portal for you to fill out. 

Follow the instructions and then click on SUBMIT. Once you click on submit, the information is automatically uploaded into the EMR and is available in your chart. 

The example shown is the Image upload form which enables you to upload photos to your chart for the physician to review. Fill out the description, upload the photo and then click on submit. This allows you to add up to 5 photos.


Access to the portal will be denied if your information is not entered correctly. Please double check that your PHIN number is entered properly and your date of birth is listed as show in the example above (Month, Day, Year). 

If you have entered your information correctly and access is still denied, please contact your family physician's office to ensure your health information is correct on your file. 

When logging in on some smart phones, the continue button does not show on the screen. Please try using either a tablet or computer if this happens. 

Attachments in patient messages are sent as PDF format. On some android devices it will download to your device by default - in this case try swiping from the top of your screen to open the downloads. iPhone and iPad usually will open the PDF by default. If you continue to have trouble on an android device try using a laptop or desktop computer.