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COVID-19 Immunization

COVID-19 immunizations have started in Manitoba, but the vaccine is not yet available for everyone. Our clinic does not yet have vaccine to offer you. When vaccine supplies become available, eligibility will be set by the provincial government primarily by age.

To help you find out when you’ll be eligible, Doctors Manitoba created We encourage you to visit the site, check your eligibility, and sign up to be notified about when you become eligible. You’ll also find answers to common vaccine questions too.

As physicians, we support and trust these new vaccines. They are safe and effective, and we recommend that all adults get immunized with very few exceptions.

We also want to reassure you that it’s natural to have questions. These are new vaccines for a new disease. Check out for more information. Your doctor is also here to answer your questions and talk about your concerns.

​Looking for the COVID-19 Vaccine Consent forms? Click HERE to download/print.

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